54" x 54"
Photographic transfer and mixed media with acrylic

I have long been fascinated by the Tree of Life motif and the rich mythology associated with it. Being a symbol of regeneration and life giving, the Cosmic Tree of Life connects all three spheres of the cosmos together and brings all the Elements; Earth, Water, Fire and Air in one. (Dictionary of Symbols, Penguin Books, 2nd Edition 1982.) The branches of the Tree, where birds reside, reach out to the Celestial Realm, towards light and the Ethers; its trunk extending vertically upwards from the ground up presides over the Terrestrial realm, where earth crawlers reside within an ancient labyrinth; while its roots reaching deep down into the soil, our Earth, represent the Subterranean Realm, where decay and decomposition of organic matter are transformed into sustenance for plants and other living beings so that life may thrive and continue on. Water circulates in its sap, while Air feeds the leaves, and Fire is created by rubbing the wooden sticks together.